Gold bracelets are metal based accessories worn around the wrist, and the primary content is gold.  Gold bracelets can also be adorned with charms.  Gold bracelets that adorn the ankle are called " gold anklets".


Gold braclets have not only been fashionable throughout time but also practical, as gold has been used as money, or store of value", for thousands of years. 


In modern times men typically wear thicker gold bracelets and women typically prefer lighter, thin gold bracelets.

If a gold bracelet is a single, inflexible loop it is called a gold bangle bracelet.  Gold bangles are very common in Asian traditions.​  It's not uncommon for multiple gold bangle braclets to adorn the wrist together.

Gold bracelets can be very inexpensive, or can be encrusted with diamonds or other gemtones, and values can exceed far greater than $10,000.  The value of a gold bracelet is primarily dependent upon it's (1) gold purity/content (2) bracelet weight.

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